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Telephone advice

you can really understand.

Reduced phone costs, improved business quality.

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NGN Stands for Non-Geographic Numbers, they ring where you as the owner

wants them to ring, at branch office, home worker, or to shift workload to another branch for instance. We offer the full range including 03 numbers, just let us know your needs.

The various number ranges are designed for different tasks:

All these number ranges enable calls to be received anywhere in the UK, simply being 'pointed' to a number which can be changed quickly according to needs of volume, time of day, major events and emergencies. They also enable better customer service because the firm being called knows exactly how many calls are made, the length of time people are kept waiting, and if they fail to get through, or get engaged.  The software can also report if a failed call is later successful.

We can provide all the above services and the management statistics. Clients in the entertainment, literary and business world use the information to ensure sufficient staff are available to answer calls, thus ensuring clients do not ring off in frustration.

We look closely at what you need for inbound calls and discuss the financial implications with you.  Calls can be sent to different destination numbers according to their area of origin, for instance builders' merchants have one national 0800 number but route their calls to the nearest depot.

These numbers can improve the way you do business - talk to us about it.

Have you looked at the Broadband options and cutting overall Telephone Call Costs?

NGN Numbers - that’s 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, etc.

NGN? That's Non Geographic Numbers. - graphic